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    Carnage - the new chapter

    By Pat,

    Hello Carnage!

    Kind of bad news

    We as a team have come with the best idea yet as for developing a server, We have decided to let the old carnage - aka Exotic (ethos) server/client and cache go. It is a real shame because the hard work put in to make the private server Carnage what it became and what we had planned for it to become. the server client cache we used was great but the server has a lot of issues with stability.

    The great news

    We as a team will be working on a brand new clean base with lots of ambition to have one of the most stable best combat system servers going with every bit of content added in the right way for you to get one of the best online gaming experiences that you deserve, We will not be taking any donations what so ever and as you may know we have not intended to at all throughout developing Carnage, the reason for this is because we do not want to cause any confusion as we have stated all along we are and will be in development for a while, If you wish to contribute towards the creation of Os-Carnage, Please talk to an owner and we will arrange something and explain where your contribution will be going so you know exactly what you are contributing for. Read below for some slight information.


    We will be noting down every single change made on a update log between us which will be posted with snippets of our work when we have progressed enough to do so.

    The server will not be released or in beta for a good while yet so please be patient with us as we cannot rush perfection :-)

    We want to build a community and keep our community we have going all the way through the development of Os-Carnage, Please do not feel that because we have decided to close off the old carnage that you are not wanted nor welcome because we love you! you have been amazing to have on the server and in the community and an asset. 

    If you have any questions other than a release date please post threads or ask in the chat-box or out discord channel, also please note that we are very much open for ideas on what kind of content will be wanted in the server, slight possibility of adding our own content that is on request.

    Links on our website - Links from the play now - vote - highscores and store may be invalid, They will be updated when we release for beta testing. The donation page will have an image of a whip. this is not to make purchase you will notice that there is no method to pay for anything what so ever on our forums/website/webstore so if you have purchased something from 




    Then please let the owners know straight away, There should be no way to make a payment towards us what so ever.

    please do not click any link that leads you out of os-carnage.com unless you are certain you trust the person who is referring you to another web page. If you see any links in our forums that you think is or could be harmful then please contact one of our staff members straight away to have it have checked out and possibly removed.


    Thank you for reading and we hope to hear from you and see how you are doing, we will post updates randomly so watch out - Carnage Staff

    please note we are a private server.

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