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    By Pat,

    Small Updates / fixes

    1. Customised home (yanille)~
    2. Thieving area with merchant are only located at home (Yanille) behind the bank area~
    3. Custom slayer island~
    4. All bankers should be behind their booths. If not please tell us the location and they will be there on the next update~
    5. Customised edgeville (pk home)~
    6. Updated most item requirements. Please let us know if any have been missed~
    7. Customised fencing for the wilderness crystal chest - added methods to access gates both ways and also a sneaky quick exit from the high wilderness~
    8. Added in a new well of good will. the location varies throughout Carnage, See if you can find them~
    9. Added prestige store, please note it is still in working progress and this will be edited on this log when fully fixed~
    10. Welcome starter tutorial customised a little~
    11. Modified staff icons in server, Credits to: Zakku~
    12. Custom client background /login / cancel box / login box background created by: ItsPewPew~
    13. Players may no longer be able to teleport from jail~
    14. Bank chests added in various locations throughout Carnage~
    15. Changed the location of farming with added compost bins + berry bush / master farmer to steal seeds from~
    16. You can purchase 5k of anything noted in any store, If you think this is too high or low please let us know~
    17. Re-wrote a lot of the npcs chat box text, we have to change a lot more, please inform us on what ones if not changed before you stumble across~
    18. Ripped fun pk from edgeville - no more walls - a wilderness ditch there instead, if you do not like the wilderness ditch we will do a Community vote and decide what to do with it from there~
    19. 161 maps added from 161 data release, will be adding the 165 very soon~
    20. Every teleport should locate you to the right destination, if not please let us know what ones and they will be changed~
    21. Xp rates tweaked, let us know if you think they should be higher or lower~
    22. Raids is near ready~ Not our work we just changed a few things to make it possible for you to play the mini-game~
    23. Toggle rooftops now saves when you log out and log in~
    24. Added fishing guild with all spots and store to purchase all your fishing equipment you will need. Also a cooking range~
    25. Added supplies to iron-man store~
    26. Removed various npcs from the wilderness~
    27. Added a hot-fix for combat - special attack will work quicker~
    28. Packed most objects into the maps and removed the coding from the server/client, clipping shouldn't be an issue if so please let us know where~
    29. Removed random fishing spots around Carnage, Please let us know of anything that is looking odd or out of place, even something that should be in a location that is not~
    30. Added raids points to quest tab, it tells people how many raids points you have obtained~
    31. Added bank booths in various locations of Carnage. let us know of any locations there should be some form of banking and we will add depending if we think it is making the game far to easy~
    32. Added sinew method with animation, you use a knife on some raw beef and it will create the sinew string for cbow
    33. You may place sinew on any cbow(u), let us know if there is one or two we missed~
    34. In various locations of Carnage You may use your flax on a spinning wheel with animation to create string for bow's / shorbows~
    35. Removed the method for agility pipes at gnome agility course and created a whole new method with animation for both pipes~
    36. New jail area~
    37. Revamped the dice room with map editor~
    38. New shops area at home (Yanille)~
    39. Revamped home bank a little with map editor
    40. Working trading post~
    41. Banannastreet coded reward method and fixed voting system~
    42. Fixed the hi-scores~ needs tweaking
    43. Banannastreet Fixed ::dice area, you may dice anywhere in the area~44. ::update is fixed so no more needing to download a new client every time!
    45. Places a wall in raids tunnels where there was none, map edited-
    46. No one can teleport from jail at all-
    47. Created click option on Zilyana Jr - when you click her you say a little message to her- will be adding all pets to this method.
    few more bits i can't remember exactly

    We appreciate that there may not look a lot, we have done a lot more than what is listed here just forgot to log it. Thank you for taking time to check out our update log!

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